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In the ReDigi case, the court ruled that owners of MP3 files do not have the same property rights as the owners of physical CDs. In the Kirtsaeng case, the Supreme… Read more »

In a nutshell, the court found that any transfer of a digital file from one hard drive or storage device to another inescapably involves making a new copy of the file… Read more »

Like Amazon, Apple is not asserting that its users have a right independent of their being Apple customers to resell digital goods, as they would with physical goods. It’s describing a… Read more »

The contrast between the ReDigi system and the system described in Amazon’s patent highlights a subtle but potentially crucial question for the future of the used-digital market: On what basis should… Read more »

Amazon seems to be envisioning a defined, DRM-controlled ecosystem, with a limited ability to transfer digital files among registered users, managed by Amazon and operating under license from rights owners. Read more »

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