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smartphone operating systems and research in motion

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smartphone operating systems and research in motion

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Palm and Research In Motion are headed in very different directions, as evidenced by quarterly earnings posted by both companies last night. RIM wowed investors with substantial gains in device shipments,… Read more »

The latest report on the smartphone market has pundits split into two camps: MocoNews.com is heralding BlackBerry’s record market share of 20 percent in the third quarter, while ZDNet notes that… Read more »

Research In Motion often goes unmentioned amid all the iPhone/Android hubbub, but the guys from Canada continue to churn out handsets at an impressive rate. RIM today unveiled a new version… Read more »

Research In Motion faces a host of challenges at it tries to move beyond business users into the mainstream: Its mobile-browser technology is lacking, its lacks Apple’s knack for design, and… Read more »