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GigaomFlickr co-founder’s new tool, Slack, seeks to reform workplace conversation">GigaomFlickr co-founder’s new tool, Slack, seeks to reform workplace conversation

Back in January 2014, I wrote Things that didn’t happen, and what it means, reflecting on things that didn’t happen in 2013. Specifically, I argued that the work management marketplace hadn’t consolidated:… Read more »

David Sacks, the founder and former CEO of Yammer, has joined fast-growing HR platform Zenefits, as well as investing an undisclosed amount and joining the company’s board. In discussing the move from… Read more »

I’ve written about Trello, the popular teak task management app designed around Kanban-style “boards” (see “Trello and Atlassian are quietly making inroads and announce new funding” and “The 2013 task management… Read more »

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