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GigaomOff Topic: Bear Stearns Bailout — It's the Prime Brokerage, Stupid">GigaomOff Topic: Bear Stearns Bailout — It's the Prime Brokerage, Stupid

Looks like algae that grows in the dark is a hit on Wall Street. At least, that’s how Solazyme’s IPO today seems to be turning out, as the algae-to-biochemicals and biofuels… Read more »

I wanted to share some exciting rulings from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with you this morning — but instead, I can only bring you one, less-exciting piece of news. For… Read more »

Gartner’s Brian Prentice has got it right. Google merely announced its intention to develop an operating system, and the frenzy actually fed itself. The reality, of course, is that we have… Read more »

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