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A ruling by the WTO allows the government of Antigua to set up a website to sell movies, music and other material that infringes U.S. copyright without making payments to U.S… Read more »

Hold on to your resources! Today’s news analysis from Reuters takes a look at the recent spats over rare earth materials to frame a larger picture of nation-states reversing the decades-long… Read more »

Last week saw the World Trade Organization decide that China had to stop subsidizing its domestic wind power industry, handing a green tech trade victory to the United Steelworkers union and,… Read more »

The U.S. has launched an industry-government effort to boost the country’s green technology exports, but can it work in the face of China’s growing momentum and Congressional inaction? Those are the… Read more »

The U.S.-China green technology competition has just gotten explicit, thanks to the United Steelworkers union. On Thursday, the union submitted a 5,800-page case (pdf) accusing China of breaking World Trade Organization… Read more »