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I’m pretty sure we all know what Twitter’s role in the tech industry is. Mathew Ingram notes that it’s easy to see the company’s evolution from info utility to media company… Read more »

Kantar Media, a unit of the big advertising holding company WPP, estimates that Google spent over $200 million in U.S. advertising last year, $70 million of it on TV. Kantar says… Read more »

Henry Blodget thinks so, and he thinks it should be Google. After rehashing some obvious arguments (Google doesn’t get social, Google could monetize Pinterest) he points out that YouTube, Google’s best… Read more »

Since it’s all iPad all day, I’ll write about Google. Again. Google remains one of the key players driving web technology, yet it frequently lunges in different directions, often missing its… Read more »

For years it’s been fashionable to say the Super Bowl – still the biggest media event ever, and getting bigger – is all about the advertising. And recently, it’s all about… Read more »

Ryan Lawler makes the classic argument that video creation tools and cheap distribution will empower long-tail content. When we talked about the topic in the office, we agreed that middle-tier networks… Read more »

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