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virtual goods and zynga

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virtual goods and zynga

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The giant of social gaming sold 100 million shares at $10 last night, and makes its bow as a publicly traded company today. Critics worry that its growth is slowing and… Read more »

Yesterday, Zynga filed for its IPO. I was looking at an abbreviated version of the S-1, so I’m posting an update that’s clearer. The social gaming giant had nearly $600 million… Read more »

Zynga filed for its IPO. The social gaming giant had nearly $600 million in revenue in 2010, and made nearly $30 million in profits. First quarter 2011 revenues were way up,… Read more »

If you needed any more evidence to prove that social gaming is a huge category with lots of possibilities for web entrepreneurs, then how about this: Zynga, which makes some of… Read more »