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Kevin Systrom

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GigaomInstamagic: The Story of a Red Hot App [Video]">GigaomInstamagic: The Story of a Red Hot App [Video]

Not so long ago, if entrepreneurs had suggested combining photo editing with photo sharing on a mobile handset, they would have been laughed out of the room. Handset performance and network… Read more »

Instagram started experimenting with advertising recently. It is only following what its members have already started doing – embedding commercial messages into instagrams they share. It might pose an interesting challenge… Read more »

Google cars, new attitudes towards mass transit, crazy future we live in, David Byrne, Zulily IPO, Malcom Gladwell, TED Talks and why bags made from crocodile skins so expensive — these… Read more »

Saving Nokia, the page view apocalypse, Jonathan Franzen is old and cranky, corn is king, Senegal and the American South, the story of The Climate Company, and the modern genome gold… Read more »

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