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kevin tofel and colin gibbs

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kevin tofel and colin gibbs

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Huawei today said it will join the crowded market of Android-based tablets with MediaPad, a 7-inch gadget that will run version 3.2 of Google’s mobile operating system. My colleague Kevin Tofel… Read more »

Research In Motion’s annual BlackBerry World opened today in Orlando, and the company used the event to launch two new handsets. The new phones have some impressive specs, but as my… Read more »

My colleague Kevin Tofel posted this great piece this morning questioning whether 4G networks will change the mobile Web. After all, when mobile network speeds approach or exceed fixed-line speeds, will… Read more »

Engadget is attracting attention with this post of an ad from Best Buy touting the new Motorola Xoom, which will go on sale in a couple of weeks for $800. As… Read more »

Boy Genius Report this morning scored a scoop when it noticed a PDF on Verizon Wireless’s site revealing the carrier’s plans to throttle data speeds for subscribers who fall within the… Read more »