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Apparently the new tariffs on solar cells from China, about which domestic solar installers who buy those panels were worried, haven’t prevented U.S. solar installer Sunrun from raising $60 million from… Read more »

General Electric and its venture capital partners have announced the winners of the $63 million second round of its Ecomagination Challenge — you know, the one that was focused on “home… Read more »

Will solar power’s future cost reductions come from cheaper solar technologies, or from lower costs for everything else involved in putting them to use in the real world? Increasingly, the industry… Read more »

Green IT Jeff St. John’s thoughts, analyses and predictions are compiled here in a single report. As with any analysis of the market, we couldn’t possibly include every company, announcement and… Read more »

Federal economic stimulus led the U.S. Department of Energy to boost greentech funding to $1.75 billion in the second quarter — the most in a single quarter. This accelerated the disbursement… Read more »