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carbon tax

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carbon tax

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Brad Plumer of The Washington Post reports on data from the carbon tax that’s been in place since 2008 in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The tax began at $10… Read more »

The Congressional Budget Office warned last week that we’re heading towards a “fiscal cliff” of negative GDP growth and recession due to the coming budget cuts (the often ignored realities of… Read more »

GM to Invest $43M to Build Battery Plant: General Motors said today it will invest $43 million to build a lithium-ion battery pack assembly plant in Brownstone, Mich. for its extended-range… Read more »

Mad for Mitsubishi’s iMiEV: Mitsubishi Motors rose the most in almost five months on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today after a report it has started mass production of its electric iMiEV… Read more »

China Mulls Carbon Tax: Government researchers in China are expected to issue preliminary proposals for a carbon tax within a month. Yes, carbon tax. In china. — Reuters Gov. Palin Rejects… Read more »

Shell, Codexis Getting Cozy: Royal Dutch Shell has taken a bigger stake in biofuel technology company Codexis, aiming to commercialize next-generation biofuels by 2013 and grabbing a second seat on the… Read more »

North America’s first carbon tax is set to roll out this coming Tuesday in the Canadian province British Columbia. This means British Columbians can start expecting to pay even more at… Read more »

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