I’m guessing that if you polled self-described “green” advocates about their least favorite green technology, biofuels would be at the top of the list. Out of all the forms of renewable… Read more »

Lost Remote, the prolific future-of-television group blog which originated the space that NewTeeVee lives in, has effectively shut down, with founder Cory Bergman turning the site into a personal Tumblr. Lost… Read more »

Now this is thought-provoking. Google’s Marissa Mayer said explicitly Wednesday at the Searchnomics conference that Google’s voice-activated mobile search tool, 1-800-GOOG-411, is set to influence the company’s video search efforts by… Read more »

While the iPhone will undoubtedly change my life in untold ways (note sarcasm), I already have a smart phone and the NEED for the iPhone isn’t nearly as clear as the… Read more »

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