Since bowing out of EPEAT certification for future Macs, Apple has seen at least one public agency say it can’t buy its computers anymore. Apple has responded by emphasizing its other… Read more »

Google has released its top search terms in renewable energy and sustainability for 2011. There were some expected top search terms like “solar” and “wind power,” two of the top three… Read more »

Could a standard power supply help reduce e-waste and promote green manufacturing among today’s notebook makers? Taiwan’s notebook manufacturers including Acer think so, and it makes a lot of sense on… Read more »

For a lot of gadget lovers, it will soon be in with the new iPhone 4 and out with the old. Fortunately, according to Treehugger’s Jaymi Heimbuch, Gazelle is preparing for… Read more »

For years, firms like Cisco have been fighting counterfeiters that slap trusted brand names on low-rent computer and networking equipment. Things are only getting worse. According to an article in Business… Read more »

An e-waste opportunity? You might have to get your hands a little dirty, but the business of preventing electronics from stacking up in landfills and poisoning the environment promises to grow… Read more »

Best Buy’s e-waste recycling program promotes corporate social responsibility, but it’s also a way for the electronics retailer to increase foot traffic and bolster sales. Clever, but the company’s green money-making… Read more »

From computer networks to the smart grid, there’s no denying the importance of security. But what about e-waste? It turns out that the responsible disposal of old computer equipment means a… Read more »

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