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General Electric and its venture capital partners have announced the winners of the $63 million second round of its Ecomagination Challenge — you know, the one that was focused on “home… Read more »

General Electric may not pay taxes, but it sure does spend big on its Ecomagination line of pro-green business. In fact, GE spent as much as $1.8 billion on research and… Read more »

This morning, General Electric and some high-flying venture capital partners named the first 12 winners of the first $55 million of a $200 million “ecomagination challenge” they launched this summer. For… Read more »

Hop on board American Airlines Flight 1916, as it demonstrates the fuel-saving power of green IT in aviation this morning. The flight from Texas to Connecticut is using Required Navigation Performance… Read more »

2009 was a pretty good year for me, as it consisted of some big, positive changes, among them joining the GigaOM team to take over the reigns here at WebWorkerDaily. I’m… Read more »

Information technology has brought benefits to industries as diverse as finance and food processing — now it’s coming to your local water utility. Tech-giant IBM (s IBM) on Monday will launch… Read more »