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Om has a nice piece over on GigaOM, based on a recent conversation of his with Arista CEO Jayshree Ullal. As Om notes, Arista’s premise “is very simple — as we… Read more »

Scottish cloud infrastructure company, Flexiant, has released a new version of their Extility cloud infrastructure solution. Providing cloud infrastructure since 2007, Flexiant launched Extility in 2010 and has seen some success… Read more »

Speaking at Box.net’s BoxWorks event in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen broadened the argument he made recently in the Wall Street Journal. According to Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff, Andreessen suggested that “the… Read more »

Earlier this month, Derrick Harris wrote about the current fashion for taking open source software and shipping it alongside some bespoke hardware in the form of an appliance; buy it, plug… Read more »

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