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first sale doctrine

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first sale doctrine

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The Commerce Department recommendations, which represent the views of the Obama Administration, come as the Judiciary Committee remains very much in fact-finding mode in its review, setting up the potential for… Read more »

In a nutshell, the court found that any transfer of a digital file from one hard drive or storage device to another inescapably involves making a new copy of the file… Read more »

Like Amazon, Apple is not asserting that its users have a right independent of their being Apple customers to resell digital goods, as they would with physical goods. It’s describing a… Read more »

The contrast between the ReDigi system and the system described in Amazon’s patent highlights a subtle but potentially crucial question for the future of the used-digital market: On what basis should… Read more »

Amazon seems to be envisioning a defined, DRM-controlled ecosystem, with a limited ability to transfer digital files among registered users, managed by Amazon and operating under license from rights owners. Read more »

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