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A few years back, Netflix produced some test footage for its device partners. The company simply added the footage to its regular catalog, where customers turned it into a cult hit,… Read more »

‘Twas the night before iPad, and all through the land. Not a person was stirring, they were resting their hand. All of the fanboys, were snug in their beds. While visions… Read more »

When the Palm Pre/iTunes Syncing fiasco started, especially when Apple (s aapl) blocked the hack Palm was using and people started screaming about Appleā€™s monopolistic practices, I pretty much shrugged the… Read more »

Microsoft’s (s msft) free antivirus software, Morro, will soon be in beta testing — a free cure for one of the Windows world’s greatest sicknesses. And you know it’s gotta be… Read more »

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