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Strategy Analytics predicts that HTML5 will explode in mobile over the next few years, with one billion HTML5-enabled phones being sold in 2013, up from just 336 million this year. As… Read more »

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam confirmed this morning that next year the carrier will roll out family data plans, enabling users to pay for data usage on multiple devices from a single… Read more »

Developer Trevor Eckhart has released a video detailing the workings of the popular (but little-known) software from Carrier IQ, and the findings are disturbing. The app — which is pre-installed on… Read more »

A Robert W. Baird survey of 1,100 potential tablet purchasers confirms everything you’ve heard lately about the tablet market. A staggering 94.5 percent of respondents cited the iPad as “a device… Read more »

The mobile industry is waking this morning to the huge news that Google plans to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, marking a 60-plus percent premium for the business. Some of… Read more »

TmoNews.com is reporting that T-Mobile USA will change its smallest data plan, installing a hefty charge for users who surpass 200 MB of data rather than throttling speeds when the allotment… Read more »

Boy Genius Report is getting attention for this post outlining details about Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Colt, which reportedly will be the manufacturer’s first handset to run its QNX platform. The… Read more »

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