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The boys in neon green/yellow have arrived… glad to see they brought their shovels! My guess would be that FiOS service will be available in my ‘hood by the end of… Read more »

EEStor, the much-talked about ceramic battery maker, has signed an exclusive international rights agreement with military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin to integrate EEStor’s Electric Energy Storage Units (EESUs) into military applications. This… Read more »

QubeTV, the new video-sharing destination for political conservatives, recently got a wave of traffic from a link on the Drudge Report. The brainchild of Republican veterans Jeff Lord and Charlie Gerow,… Read more »

The Recording Industry Association of America continuing its bone-headed campaign against file sharers is now filing lawsuits again 531 alleged music swappers, reports CNET News.com. Just as an aside, if you… Read more »