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A federal district court in New York last week handed publishers a major victory in a lawsuit brought by the Associated Press against online clipping service Meltwater News. In an unusually… Read more »

I typed that headline while shaking my head. Google+ is iterating – and integrating – quite rapidly, but it isn’t solving some problems its early adopters are encountering. Matthew Ingram agrees… Read more »

It feels like Friday is “Future of Media” day. Matthew Ingram reviews a series by The Economist on the topic. Why does it think fragmented, audience-driven media mandates more attention on… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal says the FTC is about to launch a wide-ranging antitrust probe aimed at Google’s core search business. Prior examinations were smaller, focused around mergers and deals. As… Read more »

Ryan Kim looks at a talk by Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson that reminds developers that they have to plan on their platform provider doing something that works against their… Read more »

After looking at its prospectus, people are still arguing about Groupon’s IPO. I’ll be writing about how Groupon can start making money in my Weekly Update. Groupon may be aiming to… Read more »

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