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Cap and Trade’s Biggest Losers: A new report by energy consultants Wood Mackenzie finds “cap-and-trade legislation will cost U.S. refiners about $100 billion a year by 2015 and put them at… Read more »

“Carousel Fraud” Strikes Carbon Markets: Carbon credit fraudsters are increasingly “setting up complicated import and export schemes between EU member countries, charging buyers for value-added tax in the country of destination,… Read more »

Oh Lutz: Reducing fuel consumption by mandating more fuel-efficient cars “is like attacking obesity by ordering everybody to wear size small clothing,” and other gems from former Chevy Volt frontman Bob… Read more »

Pentagon Picks Up Alternative Fuels Projects: The Defense Department, the largest consumer of energy in the U.S., spent some $18 billion on energy last year. Now it’s prioritizing development of alternative… Read more »

Brits Go Ahead With Green Auto Bailout: Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan’s British factory have won hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to develop cleaner vehicle technology. The money comes… Read more »

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