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The Broadband Wireless Debate: The Network Technology Face Off LTE, Wimax or WiFi. Who does the future belong to? Read more »

According to an IDC study, the mobile enterprise application market will surge to $3.5 billion by 2010. The rapid adoption of smart phones has significantly expanded the workspace beyond the confines… Read more »

Hyperconnectivity, Wideband and Innovation In this follow on session, Om Malik talks with Sanjay Jha and the co-founder of Google Android, Andy Rubin.ohn Roese, chief technology officer of telecom giant Nortel… Read more »

Workshop: Founders Financing Workshop The emergence of the internet as a powerful platform for media, social and business applications and the explosion of mobile devices have created great opportunities for entrepreneurs… Read more »

Platform Face-Off: The Economics of Development A panel of mobile industry experts explore the opportunities and challenges for mobile developers in the next wave of broadband mobility. A proliferation of platforms… Read more »

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