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At the Google I/O keynote this morning, Hugo Barra, Android Product Management director, reminisced about the early days of Android, before his team launched into some ambitious plans for the OS,… Read more »

There is a lot of buzz surrounding music labels’ agreements to sell DRM-free music in marketplaces other than the iTunes Music Store. The problem is that they miss the big picture… Read more »

On February 27th, Apple announced that it had sold 4 billion songs total in the iTunes Music Store. Today, Apple quietly announced that it has now sold over 5 billion songs… Read more »

Ars Technica is reporting that the NPD Group’s numbers are out! Apple is the number one distributor of music. They sell more music than anyone else, well, besides those “others” who… Read more »

I love iTunes (and my massive music library); if my MBP is open, there’s a 98% chance that it’s got music coming out. Using it all day long like this, I… Read more »

Thanks to innovative software Simplify Media, sharing your killer iTunes library has never been easier. In the good ol’ days before DRM was such a hot topic, libraries could be shared… Read more »

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