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music and paul sweeting

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music and paul sweeting

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Like the music industry, the movie industry is confronting a future in which revenue comes in smaller chunks but from a greater number of sources. In the case of movies, that… Read more »

Why shut down Lala if there’s no chance of launching an iTunes.com? Because cloud-based media storage and retrieval is central to Apple’s long-term strategy, and Lala is central to implementing that… Read more »

Not a good week for record company EMI. It’s owner, Terra Firma, remains locked in legal dispute with Citibank over its role in the 2007 acquisition, while major acts look for… Read more »

It’s long past time to reinvent the music business without the typical record-label structure but better late than never. A new startup launching today, Hello Music, hopes to replace the traditional… Read more »

Google is on a charm offensive. On Tuesday, it unveiled Living Stories an experimental news site that aggregates all the news a newspaper publishes on a given topic into their own… Read more »

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