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Iowa E85 Tanks Up: Iowa’s Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Program board has awarded $1.52 million to 43 applicants for E85 and biodiesel infrastructure, including fuel dispensers and tank vehicles. — Green Car… Read more »

Handsets on handlebars are bringing pedal-powered mobile call shops to rural Nicaragua. By souping up an old pedal-powered ice cream cart with a car battery, an alternator, a fixed cellular unit… Read more »

Podbridge, a podcast advertising startup, said today it has hired two former Yahoo (YHOO) digital media executives to help scale its business. Brian Steel, who until 2006 was president of Yahoo’s… Read more »

Port Blocking, while not something that is part of popular lexicon, is quickly becoming a VoIP nightmare. Earlier one had found that AT&T CallVantage users were having problems hooking-up with those… Read more »