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noble environmental power

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noble environmental power

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Noble Nixes IPO Plans: Connecticut-based wind developer Noble Environmental Power has withdrawn its registration, filed last year, for a $375 million initial public offering. — Mass High Tech GM Suspends China… Read more »

We’ve all seen web 2.0 services with teething pains, but here’s one with a high-profile stumble right out of the gate: HP’s Upline file storage and sharing service, announced just a… Read more »

Demonoid is Down; popular BitTorrent tracker and web site has been offline for 24 hours, allegedly because of the Canadian Recording Industry Association. (TorrentFreak) MSN to Limit Pre-Roll Ads; ad scheduling… Read more »

Come on Baby Light my Fire: FireFox that is!Politics of WiFi in Redwood City: Chris Nolan writes in EWeek about WiFi and how technology is reshaping the politics of Redwood City… Read more »