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Urban Dictionary defines “red-headed step-child” as one who, unlike a stepchild who looks like their step parent, is likely to be singled out for abuse. Which may very well define my… Read more »

GreenVolts Wins Grant for Low-Cost Solar: GreenVolts has won a $250,000 grant from the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research Program for its proposal on low-cost concentrating photovoltaics. This is… Read more »

Yesterday, the Google Webmaster Central Blog carried the news of an addition to Google Trends: Trends for Websites. With this tool, you can see the relative amount of traffic tracked to… Read more »

ABC News SuperPokes Facebook; social networking site to allow its members to electronically follow the news org’s reporters, watch videos, and participate in polls and debates. (The New York Times) Ad… Read more »

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