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Aylus Networks is not a name familiar to consumers, but that’s fine — Aylus is looking to sell media-sharing and live-streaming services direct to mobile operators. The Westford, Mass.-based startup has… Read more »

Here’s a fresh, not-yet-covered startup we found out about recently: ivi TV. From what we understand, Seattle-based ivi, founded in 2007, is building a video player that will stream encrypted P2P… Read more »

Tuning into live online video is often an exercise in frustration. So even though Conviva is being somewhat secretive about what it’s doing, I’m inclined to give the startup — which… Read more »

Not a week goes by when Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t wring his hands in public about the problems of monetizing online video. Could it be that algorithms and contextual ad… Read more »

Nokeena Networks, a stealthy startup working on video delivery, let some details of its existence slip yesterday for a profile of the venture capital firm that incubated it. We’ve asked around… Read more »

We’re tracking a stealth startup called Onecast and/or 1cast that was apparently founded and funded by Craig McCaw, based on a tip from a commenter whom we have reason to believe… Read more »

All broadband was not created equal, as we all well know. But this fact was painfully illustrated to Tejpaul Bhatia when he was working for ESPN, where he was part of… Read more »