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There are days when it all just comes together, and today is such a day for cloud computing. Amid AWS announcing PCI compliance, the release of Database.com and Rackspace’s new offerings,… Read more »

Spurred by fleeting discussion about lock-in during Wednesday’s Bunker session, I’m putting together a piece about the current state of the cloud lock-in threat. Although it will be fleshed out in… Read more »

I have to say I was a bit surprised to hear that private-cloud startup VMOps is about to close an $11 million funding round. It’s not that VMOps doesn’t offer a… Read more »

Open cloud standards has been a hot topic since cloud computing first caught on, and now it looks like we might actually be on track to see results. The A6 Audit… Read more »

The more predictions I read about what to expect in 2010, the less I expect to see much movement on the openness front within large companies. In cloud computing, for example,… Read more »

Google’s “openness manifesto” received a lot of coverage today, and Google evangelist Don Dodge made comments to the press about Google being an entirely data-driven company. When read in tandem, a… Read more »