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Yahoo is scheduled to describe its latest turnaround strategy on Tuesday, and reportedly search is high on its priorities list. Yahoo should re-negotiate its Microsoft deal and focus on connecting the… Read more »

Facebook officially launched its App Center for the web and mobile app discovery and promotion. It is distinctly not an app store – the mobile version funnels users to Apple’s and… Read more »

Lots of unrelated Google news items. Let’s see if there are any consistent themes. Om isn’t fond of Larry Page getting a CEO of the Year nod from Investor’s Business Daily… Read more »

Jacob┬áJakob Nielsen knows web users. The Nielsen/Norman Group, which he co-founded, has tested thousands of sites. It’s watched more than 3,000 users try to perform tasks online, even following their eyes… Read more »

Apparently the answer is…yes! According to a study by SearchIgnite and investment bank RBC Capital Markets: While marketer spend increased quarter over quarter by 1.8 percent, marketers in the third… Read more »