The proxy icon, the small icon in a program’s title bar, can perform a few handy tricks. There are many applications that use proxy icons, both Apple and third-party, such as… Read more »

Every one of us makes a trip to the Apple menu almost every day. Even though it probably doesn’t seem like much of a chore, learning a few shortcuts can’t hurt… Read more »

I’d like to begin by telling you that there isn’t a single thing I haven’t heard said about my name. So, that said, here’s what you’d find written if I had… Read more »

Apple’s iTunes application is perhaps the most popular app ever installed on the Mac. It’s also one of the least flexible in terms of customization. There’s little you can do to… Read more »

Having used Microsoft Office for many years, despite my utter distain for them, nobody was happier than me when Apple launched the iWork applications. For my light office application needs, Pages,… Read more »

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