Most of us are accustomed to making New Year’s resolutions. We’ve been programmed to believe that because we turn a page on the calendar, that we can and should try to… Read more »

After months and months of waiting, the new Mac mini turns out to be exactly what all the rumors said it was going to be — the same exterior design with… Read more »

Are you writing resolutions for 2008? Even if you’re not, you probably have some goals or at the very least some projects that capture your dreams for the future. Here are… Read more »

Attendance last night at the UGTV conference in New York showed traditional media is taking user-generated content seriously. Representatives from Disney/ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, and the BBC joined new media companies… Read more »

Sitting buried in your Applications folder is an application called Sherlock. For the most part, Sherlock has been replaced by Spotlight and any web browser. Why should you use Sherlock over… Read more »

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