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BP Drops Jatropha: BP has “given up on jatropha, the shrub once touted as the great hope for biofuels, and walked away from its jatropha joint venture for less than $1… Read more »

Photos: Tesla Roadster Sport: If you want an electric sports car and the Tesla Roadster isn’t fast or expensive enough for you, here’s what an extra $20,000 can get you. –… Read more »

China Mulls Carbon Tax: Government researchers in China are expected to issue preliminary proposals for a carbon tax within a month. Yes, carbon tax. In china. — Reuters Gov. Palin Rejects… Read more »

Planet-Cooling Plants: New research suggests planting crops that reflect more sunlight could deliver summertime cooling of about 2 degrees Fahrenheit across central North America and a wide band of Europe and… Read more »

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