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startups and derrick harris

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startups and derrick harris

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I covered Nasuni’s funding this morning, which is just the latest in an incredible year for cloud-storage funding, and for cloud computing, in general. While other sectors were seeing funding drop,… Read more »

If you follow cloud computing startups and venture capital funding, you’ve probably noticed some interesting trends relating to how much money companies are banking. On the one end, there are startups… Read more »

If today (and tomorrow, trust me) is any indication, we’re in for an exciting 2011 in cloud computing. From CloudBees getting $4 million in Series A funding for its Java PaaS… Read more »

Amazon Web Services took advantage of the Supercomputing ’10 conference to roll out its new GPU Instances. As I write in my post on the new service, it’s a big deal… Read more »

With so much news today — including from Heroku, Rackspace, Zuora, NetApp and Engine Yard — it’s tough to know where to focus. The answer might be in two separate but… Read more »

Nimbula’s $15 million in Series B funding has me wondering how much venture cash is available for internal IaaS platforms. Nimbula has topped $20 million now, Cloud.com is over $17 million,… Read more »

If you want a sign of how real cloud computing is, look no further than the news of the past two days. Yesterday, IBM bought Cast Iron Systems, and today a… Read more »

I can’t believe I missed InformationWeek’s piece on Riptano earlier in the week, so I’m glad CloudAve gave its piece on the startup today. Riptano was formed by two former Rackspace… Read more »

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