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Verzion’s FiOS Gets Twitter, Facebook and Web Video; the new Widget Bazaar makes TV more social, adds video from Veoh, blip.tv and Dailymotion. (Multichannel News) Watch New Office Webisodes and Follow… Read more »

Washington Post Launches Economic Web Series; Hard Times examines the financial hardships hitting people across the country. (WashingtonPost) AT&T Partnering with Retail Chains; telco to sell its U-verse service through 600… Read more »

Yahoo Series Makes Sweet Music; featuring big-name musicians, Nissan Live Sets generates roughly 4 million streams per month. (Variety) Universal Using Mobile to Promote DVDs; studio providing clips from DVD bonus… Read more »

Studios, SAG Still Clashing Over Clips; studios want to pay a flat fee to use clips of old TV shows and films online rather than bargain with each performer. (Reuters) ABC… Read more »

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