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venture capital (vc) and pedro hernandez

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venture capital (vc) and pedro hernandez

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As it turns out, the Kindle isn’t Jeff Bezos’ only weapon against dead tree wastefulness. His venture capital outfit, Bezos Expeditions, along with Mohr Davidow Ventures dropped $5.25 million on a… Read more »

How did the global cleantech VC scene fare in Q1 2010? Not too bad. You could even say it was record setting. Last quarter saw 180 deals, beating the 165 deals… Read more »

As companies prepare for a cleantech IPO boomlet this year, Landis+Gyr likely won’t be among them. The Swiss smart meter maker is planning to public, but not before the next two… Read more »

How do startups access new sources of capital? Where do investors turn when the exits aren’t as clearly marked? Those are some of the complex issues Jennifer Kho explores in our… Read more »

A new post today at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech blog has an interesting take on Bloom Energy and its headline-grabbing unveiling this week. The title, “Bloom box debut: More IPO than… Read more »

The funds keep a flowin’. Continuing January’s funding streak, Green Plug announced that it had completed a second round of financing that brought in a significantly higher amount than what the… Read more »

Having doled out $9.5 billion since 1991, Intel Capital is not just about return on investment, but also about securing strategic gains for the chipmaker. Arvind Sodhani, head VC at Intel,… Read more »

A lot of money is being poured into the smart grid space. Should investors be worried? In “How Investors Can Avoid the Smart Grid Bubble” (subscription required), Earth2Tech’s Katie Fehrenbacher explores… Read more »