Amid the newer top-­ranking photo and video apps (those less than 180 days old), combination apps are only 6 percentage points behind dedicated enhancement apps, whereas the gap is 14 percent… Read more »

Newer photo and video apps have a much larger share of the lowest-­priced app market ($0.99) than they have of the higher-­priced app market. 46 percent of the $0.99 apps had… Read more »

Thirty-­one percent of the top-­ranking photo and video apps had been introduced in the past 180 days at the time of writing, with 16 percent less than 90 days old. Read more »

Among the 285 top-­ranking paid photo and video apps, 35 percent are priced at $0.99, the minimum price point allowed in the iTunes Store and Google Play. Read more »

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