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governments and broadband

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governments and broadband

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Will he or won’t he? That’s what everybody at yesterday’s Senate Commerce hearing on the National Broadband Plan wanted to know from FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. Will the FCC seek to… Read more »

Twelve broadcasting heavyweights last night said they would pool spectrum in an effort to deliver both streaming and on-demand video content to mobile phones and other gadgets. The move should provide… Read more »

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski goes before the Senate Commerce Committee this afternoon to answer questions about the National Broadband Plan. A webcast of the hearing will be available from the committee’s… Read more »

How important is truly high speed broadband to the economy? Huge, as Eric Schmidt and Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg argue in today’s Wall Street Journal. Internet companies know how vital fast connections… Read more »

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