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Netflix has been successful over the years at taking advantage of the weaknesses of competing services, and based on its fourth-quarter earnings call, the company appears to be sticking with its… Read more »

One day after Netflix saw its shares plummet 35 percent in the wake of its third-quarter earnings report, it’s Amazon’s turn to tumble. Shares of the e-retailer were off nearly 10… Read more »

It was a terrible name anyway, Qwikster. It sounded like a chain of truck-stop mini-marts rather than something that brings a bit of Hollywood to your mailbox. And now its gone,… Read more »

For all the head-scratching and chin-pulling over Netflix’s decision to separate its DVD and streaming businesses, one important aspect of the move has gone largely overlooked: the effective separation of its… Read more »

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings offered an unusual mea culpa to investors and subscribers freaked out over the recent abrupt price change in a post on the official Netflix blog his morning… Read more »

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