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location-based services (lbs) and om malik

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location-based services (lbs) and om malik

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Michael Krell of Crowdflow takes the location data from 880 iPhones for the month of April 2011 and creates a time-lapse video that shows how iPhone users flow across Europe. It… Read more »

For a very long time, technology industry’s future has been determined by the capabilities of tech’s building blocks – chips, memory, storage and networks. With the emergence of social and mobile,… Read more »

From a comparison of auto and PC industries to problems associated with the location-based advertising to tips & tricks of reading startup term sheets — here is a selection of five… Read more »

When fan-bois start making rap videos (however amateurish) about something, you know it is hot. Badges Like Us, a new video about FourSquare, the New York-based start-up shows why it is… Read more »

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