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social and location-based services (lbs)

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social and location-based services (lbs)

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Facebook is exiting daily deals, but maintaining a local check-in deals offering even as it phases out its location check-in feed. Confusing? Perhaps “evolving” is the better description. Local businesses are… Read more »

Earlier, Groupon had signed up many of the logical location-based services as distributors for its daily deals, and at the time, it was acknowledged that discussions were on with Foursquare. Now… Read more »

There are some new schemes for social media monetization in the news today. Groupon is talking to Foursquare, after already signing up Loopt. UberMedia is hitching up with actor Ashton Kutcher… Read more »

Last week began with stories that social game maker Zynga was raising $250 million at a valuation north of $7 billion. By the end of the week, the company was close… Read more »

Local. Mobile. Social. It’s like a mantra these days. Ryan Kim summarizes recent check-in deals from location-based services, with Yelp being the latest entrant. NearbyNow, that inserts real-time inventory data into… Read more »

Facebook’s mobile announcement: single sign-on for mobile apps, opening up two more of its location APIs, and a local deals platform. The single sign-on will behave pretty much the same as… Read more »

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