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smartphone operating systems and microsoft windows

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smartphone operating systems and microsoft windows

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Microsoft used its MIX10 event in Las Vegas to showcase its upcoming Windows Phone, and to demonstrate that the OS already has the backing of some impressive third-party developers. And the… Read more »

The relevance of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile continues to wane, according to new figures from comScore, as the iPhone’s U.S. market share surpassed WinMo for the first time in October. The software… Read more »

Like a lot of analysts and journalists, I’ve taken a few swipes at Microsoft lately as the company seems to be increasingly left in the dust of the fast-moving smarthpone era… Read more »

Like George Costanza, Palm is pulling its “It’s not you, it’s me” routine with Microsoft, ending its five-year relationship with Windows Mobile in favor of focusing full-time on its own webOS… Read more »