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consumer electronics and patents

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consumer electronics and patents

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The fallout continues this morning following Friday night’s judgment in the big patent case between Apple and Samsung: Samsung shares were down 7 percent after the jury awarded Apple more than… Read more »

Apple and Samsung must stop selling some of their gadgets in South Korea, Bloomberg reports, after a Seoul court found the two companies infringed on each other’s patents. Apple was found… Read more »

Closing arguments are going on now in the Apple vs. Samsung trial, and the jury will likely get the case in the next few hours. It’s a fairly slow news day… Read more »

Bloomberg is reporting that the CEOs of Apple and Samsung are talking today in a last-ditch effort to resolve the patent battle playing out in a federal court in the Bay… Read more »

Testimony is likely to wrap up in the big Apple vs. Samsung patent trial in the Bay Area, and All Things D’s Ina Fried is once again reporting from the courtroom… Read more »

The big Apple/Samsung patent trial in the Bay Area is forcing both companies to disclose a lot of data they’d rather keep to themselves, as All Things D reports here. Some… Read more »

May Judge Lucy Koh should follow the example of her colleague, Judge Richard Posner, and just throw Apple and Samsung out of court. Faced with grandstanding lawyers, superfluous arguments and PR… Read more »

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