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litigation and patents

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litigation and patents

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May Judge Lucy Koh should follow the example of her colleague, Judge Richard Posner, and just throw Apple and Samsung out of court. Faced with grandstanding lawyers, superfluous arguments and PR… Read more »

Judges have suddenly taken center stage in a number of high-profile intellectual property cases playing out around the world. On Monday, Judge David Harvey of the Auckland district court in New… Read more »

A half-dozen companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM have devoured the last remnant of Nortel, shelling out a combined $4.5 billion for thousands of patents and patent applications from the former… Read more »

Nokia and Apple ended their patent dispute this morning with the announcement that Cupertino will make a one-time payout to the Finnish manufacturer and will continue to pay royalties for the term of the… Read more »

I’ll be updating this page if anything interesting comes out of the last day of the CTIA event in San Francisco, but with all the licensing and patent litigation going on… Read more »

A less-than-spectacular week for Google was punctuated late yesterday with news that Oracle is suing the Internet giant for allegedly infringing on patents and copyrights related to java in its Android… Read more »

Research In Motion and Motorola today ended a long-standing patent stand-off, with Motorola receiving an upfront payment as well as future royalties for its wireless technology. That’s a big win for… Read more »

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