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Google and Facebook are gaining share, mobile advertising is growing but still search-dominated, and slow progress in digital brand advertising means that television isn’t going away anytime soon. Several big digital… Read more »

Microsoft continues to send contradictory signals about its online media strategy. It still needs focus, if not a potential spin-off. Earlier this week a Reuters story about Microsoft’s investment in its… Read more »

When AOL reported its quarterly earnings, it showed that overall online advertising was up 6 percent, but that was driven primarily by Europe and AOL’s ad networks. Its own display ad… Read more »

Microsoft has balanced social search integration without compromising core results far better than Google has demonstrated. Bing represents social done well, and it could lead to minor market share gains. Last… Read more »

Wall Street is unhappy and confused about Google. To return to its usually stellar growth, the company should prioritize vertical search and display advertising. Other products, including mobile search and advertising,… Read more »

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