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It’s a stream of Twitter today. The company explains why “WikiLeaks” wasn’t trending: its algorithm favors velocity over popularity, though it uses both. Meanwhile, a Pew Research Center survey suggests fewer… Read more »

Twitter may be developing a news service for professionals. Or, more likely, it’s not, and that’s just Biz Stone thinking out loud. Here’s some advice on what such a thing might… Read more »

This Guardian interview with the head of Facebook engineering is interesting, and a little scary. If this is an accurate portrayal, it’s definitely a hacker culture at Facebook. Very small teams… Read more »

In the realm of might-have-beens, MySpace shows more promise than Friendster. But unlike some former web leaders, it’s still salvageable. MySpace shouldn’t try to challenge Facebook for social network leadership, but… Read more »

The new Myspace – now with un-capitalized S! – launched today, and Matthew Ingram wonders if anyone will care. Its user reach is down, but Myspace still has a big (40M+… Read more »

Amidst its iPod and Apple TV announcements yesterday, Apple revealed a new version of iTunes that embeds social networking functions under the “Ping” brand. Ping allows friend and band following and… Read more »