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social networks and ed gubbins

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social networks and ed gubbins

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Quote of the day: “The links people tend to share on social networks – news, blog posts, videos – are in categories Google barely makes money on…Google’s real business is selling… Read more »

As the Wall Street Journal hails the “end of the email era,” and we wonder to what extent people are ready for the behavioral changes inherent in Google Wave, some behavioral… Read more »

Twitter’s biggest advantage may be its brand, but what does its brand mean to the business customers it hopes to lure? Time-waster? PR headache? Security threat? Customer service tool? A recent… Read more »

There’s a cluster of news today in the intersection of social networks and television. IBM has patented a system for using TV remotes to blog, tweet and use Facebook. eBay’s Skype… Read more »

Continuing the discussion of social networks and e-commerce in my column this week is this interesting blog post, which examines the intersection of social media, marketing and search. Notice how ruminations on… Read more »

Over the long term, MySpace’s acquisition of iLike will be seen as one of the key milestones in both (a) the divergence between MySpace and Facebook as social networks and (b)… Read more »