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Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley feels the need to explain that Twitter isn’t the same kind of a social network as Facebook. He’s worried, I guess, that Twitter suffers by numbers comparisons… Read more »

Mathew Ingram is too kind in his response to Mike Elgan’s silly contention in Datamation that Facebook is the new Yahoo. And while Facebook has at times been a fast follower… Read more »

Over the weekend, Tom Anderson – remember Myspace’s Tom? – put together a think piece from his Google+ postings with a title we’ve all used “Is Social in Google’s DNA?” He’s… Read more »

Professional social network LinkedIn hosted a press conference today where it re-introduced some products (Screens, InMaps, Skills and Expertise) and showed off a new one, LinkedIn Today, for the first time… Read more »

It’s a stream of Twitter today. The company explains why “WikiLeaks” wasn’t trending: its algorithm favors velocity over popularity, though it uses both. Meanwhile, a Pew Research Center survey suggests fewer… Read more »

I’m sorry, but these are not “details” about Google’s social media strategy. And, really, how interesting or engaging would a real-time feed about my emails and searches be to my friends?… Read more »

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