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Benchmark Capital’s Bill Gurley feels the need to explain that Twitter isn’t the same kind of a social network as Facebook. He’s worried, I guess, that Twitter suffers by numbers comparisons… Read more »

Steve Rubel’s thoughtful post worries that both Facebook and Google are making their products too complicated for mainstream users to fully exploit their features. There’s always a UI battle between easy… Read more »

Mathew Ingram is too kind in his response to Mike Elgan’s silly contention in Datamation that Facebook is the new Yahoo. And while Facebook has at times been a fast follower… Read more »

Feed-based UIs are powerful because they encourage frequent usage and participation. They’re becoming one of the most important ways to present information, and are critical areas of competition in social networking… Read more »

Over the weekend, Tom Anderson – remember Myspace’s Tom? – put together a think piece from his Google+ postings with a title we’ve all used “Is Social in Google’s DNA?” He’s… Read more »

Professional social network LinkedIn hosted a press conference today where it re-introduced some products (Screens, InMaps, Skills and Expertise) and showed off a new one, LinkedIn Today, for the first time… Read more »

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