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dell and unified computing

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dell and unified computing

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Yesterday, Cisco became the latest to jump on the containerised data center band wagon. Joining Sun, Dell, IBM, HP and more focussed suppliers such as Cirrascale, Cisco is the latest to… Read more »

As Om pointed out on the heels of Joyent’s November cash infusion from Dell and Intel, Joyent has been working with Dell on the internal-cloud front. Today, Dell announced the first… Read more »

Today, Dell officially responded to Cisco’s intrusion into the server market by offering up its own customizable set of data center solutions, called Business Ready Configurations. In some respects the anti-UCS… Read more »

Brocade’s decision to field acquisition offers was a bit surprising, but probably not unwise. The company sees server makers jockeying for position in the new unified computing market, and vendors with… Read more »

Cisco might be offering a shrunken version of its Nexus 5000 switch to fit into third-party blade chassis, but that does not mean these third parties — especially IBM, HP and… Read more »