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Red Hat says its new POSIX-compliant virtual storage appliance will make it easier for IT shops to move legacy Unix applications to Amazon’s public cloud. The scale-out NAS appliance, based on… Read more »

Bobbie Johnson seems sympathetic with Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski’s manifesto that the social graph we have today is neither social, nor a graph. His argument mostly centers on a lack of… Read more »

Ubuntu, the Linux distribution from Canonical, has been pretty cloud-friendly for a while. The version of Ubuntu 9.10 for servers bundled Eucalyptus and its Amazon-like APIs. More recently, Ubuntu 11.04 rode… Read more »

Time again to pop a shell and dig into the deep, geeky Unix internals of OS X with Dig Into Unix. Today we are going to look at two top-shelf power… Read more »

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